Holiday Hours

We have posted our holiday hours for the rest of 2022. Operating hours for tax season have not been determined yet but will be announced as soon as a decision has been made.

Our Third Anniversary

Tomorrow, December 2, we celebrate our 3rd anniversary of the opening of Jackson’s InBalance Bookkeeping, later changed to Jackson’s Asset Accounting. I remember in November 2019, when I was really thinking about ending my near 21-year meteorology career to make the switch to accounting, I really had doubts whether the switch would be successful. ToContinue reading “Our Third Anniversary”

A New Tax Credit for Working WA Families

A new tax credit will take effect for eligible workers in Washington State starting in 2023. There are certain eligibility requirements in order to qualify for the credit and these include… For the income requirements, the projected limits for the 2022 tax year are as follows…. # Of Children Claimed Filing as Single, Head ofContinue reading “A New Tax Credit for Working WA Families”

S-Corp Tax Extension Deadline Approaching

If you filed an extension to file those S-corp taxes, you have just 18 days to get them filed. We can prepare and file those taxes for you! All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us! Hit the link and get one scheduled. Penalties for filing late are extensive! Flat fee ofContinue reading “S-Corp Tax Extension Deadline Approaching”