Our Third Anniversary

Tomorrow, December 2, we celebrate our 3rd anniversary of the opening of Jackson’s InBalance Bookkeeping, later changed to Jackson’s Asset Accounting. I remember in November 2019, when I was really thinking about ending my near 21-year meteorology career to make the switch to accounting, I really had doubts whether the switch would be successful. To say the amount of growth that we experienced in just 3 years is nothing short of amazing. There are many special clients of mine, both past and present that I really need to thank! From my first official tax client, Mary to my first official accounting client Salsa’s Mexican Grill Express, to my longest current client, Love and Laughter Learning Center & School Kids Clubhouse I especially want to thank you for believing in me in my early days, and even though Salsa is no longer clients, I still thank you for your continued friendship! There’re also special thanks that need to go to Nora and Amanda who were previous clients before starting my own firm and deciding to stick with me! Special thanks also need to go to Pillar for giving me and my business the opportunity to do financial reviews for several businesses to see if they qualify for much needed grants to keep their business alive and through them, I gained additional clients. I also need to thank Peter who has agreed to work for me part-time and I not only appreciate you helping, but also your continued guidance! I also want to thank the four other people who live with me and have to deal with me on a daily basis! Crystal, and my boys, Dominik, Noah, and Jaylen! I also need to thank all 28 of my current accounting clients and my 82 tax clients, without you guys, I have no business! Finally, I want to thank all my other family and friends who have supported me on this new journey! With that, here’s starting year 4 and the hope for even more growth!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Byron Jackson

CEO/Accountant/Notary of Jackson’s Asset Accounting

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